Welcome to the glorious battles of the IKS baH lI batlh!

With the Romulan petaQ siding with the Dominion, the Klingons see no hope of succeeding in defending both the Federation and the Empire. They choose to withdraw to defend their territory and their honor.

In early 2380, Klingon ships no longer leave their borders as they vanquish Dominion ships as they come. Following the death of Chancellor Martok in glorious combat against the enemy, holding off the Dominion from their latest aggression, the Empire is left with internal struggles to determine who shall lead. Soon, Rekta of House Rekta ascends to the chancellorship and leads the Empire against the Dominion.

The IKS baH lI batlh (Fire of Honor) is a B'Rel class bird-of-prey under the command of Captain Muk'da, son of Banrek. The baH lI batlh's mission is to scout the empire's territories for Dominion activity or traitors to the Empire. This second mandate is key, because the houses that lost the chancellorship are still sour about losing--especially to a woman. There is talk that one might be working out a deal with the Dominion and Romulan forces to save his house from annihilation...

With targets to destroy, traitors to eliminate, and an Empire's territory and honor to defend, the baH lI batlh is a small but vital part of that plan.

The baH lI bathlh is a Nova-based simulation in the Star Trek: Survivals storyline, examining what happened to the Klingons after the surrender of the UFP.

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The IKS baH lI batlh is a member of 5th Fleet.

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Latest Mission Posts

» A father's worst fear

Mission: Honor Abounds
Posted on Mon Aug 16th, 2021 @ 8:45pm by Sogh’la’ K'm'bal Son of Torval ECA & la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek

K'm'bal approached the door to the Captain's office and pounded his fist on the door to announce himself. This was a conversation that no father wanted to have... let alone a Klingon father. In his left hand he carried a datapad, the source of his disquiet. His normally collected face…

» A Warriors Meet

Mission: Honor Abounds
Posted on Mon Aug 16th, 2021 @ 3:20am by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek & bu' K'edroha Pek'Mirgh & mang cha’DIch SaghIn

K'edroha had been on the IKS baH lI BATLH she thought maybe she thought she'd walk to meet other Warriors on the Klingon ship, she walked over to the Bridge as she got close to it and Yelled,” Qapla my Klingon warriors I am Ke'droha Pek'Mirgh, House of Pek'Mirgh “…

» Secret Information (Prequel to Mud Bath)

Mission: Honor Abounds
Posted on Sat Jul 17th, 2021 @ 6:28pm by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek & Ha'DIbaH Sirka Daughter of Naklul & Unknown

The two Klingon warriors made their way through the crowded bazaar towards a dark skanky bar that had a small neon sign advertising drinks and brothels. The male and female Klingon took their wet hoods off and each ordered the strongest ale that the bar had. He pulled out a…

» Mud Bath

Mission: Honor Abounds
Posted on Wed Jul 14th, 2021 @ 4:30am by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek & Ha'DIbaH Sirka Daughter of Naklul

The rain poured down on the humid planet. The neon lights of the taverns, hotels, brothels, markets, and carts shown in the night. The neon lights of a bar and brothel flickered as the doors flew open and an Andorian flew and landed in the mud. In the light of…

» Dishonor and Self-Promotions

Mission: Honor Abounds
Posted on Sun Jul 11th, 2021 @ 7:02am by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek

The bridge of the Bird-of-Prey shook as the polaron beam slammed into the shields. The Captain was barking orders as the bridge officers did their jobs.

"Shields down to 23%" The weapons officer barked from his console. "Weapon power down to 48%, torpedoes are depleted!"

The captain pondered for a…