General Rules

- The sim year is currently 2380

- Every Bio must have a picture once accepted. If you need assistance editing them into a uniform, I would love to help you out with that!

- Please make your characters original as possible. Original names, original ships in service record, original ideas in your history, and anything else to make the character stand out!

- Sample posts are REQUIRED, these will help the Command Team (Ship's Captain & First Mate) to determine your rank and if you would be a good fit for the sim.

- No contact, friendship, or familial relationship with any named character in any of the Star Trek movies, books, television series, etc. This is non-negotiable. The only exception to this is being a member of a house of a character. Though you can not be a child, sibling, grandchild, or any immediate family to that character, only a distant relative.

- Every player must do 1 post (Not personal log) every 2 weeks.

- Every player is allowed 1 Played Character. (Due to the size of the ship)

- NPC's are on an as-needed basis. If the NPC is actively written the character may be added. If the NPC has not been written for a while, or seems to be inactive, that NPC will be killed off in some way. NPCs must have CO approval before any creation. CO must be contacted PRIOR to NPC creation.
--only 1 NPC per player.
--NPC MUST be in the Warrior position, ranked Sergeant or lower.
--NPC MUST be an active member of the sim
--ANY NPCs made without CO approval will be deleted.
-- Only so many NPCs can be created, as they count towards the total crew.
--PCs take priority. If we run out of crew slots, an NPC will be removed to make room.

- Please look at the position description for the positions minimum rank or talk to the CO.

-Be respectful and polite. Do you want people to respect you? Then respect others.

-Be creative. Creativity is what makes sims unique. Do your best to make your character and this ship unique and stand out.

-Write! You can never write too much! These stories are what make the ship our home, and our community.

-Subplots! Have a personal endeavor that you would like your character to do? Talk to the Command Staff and run it by them to see if that subplot would work with the storyline.

Species Allowed

At this time, the Klingon Empire's Navy is mostly run by Klingon Warriors. So as of right now, only Klingons will be allowed in senior staff roles. Please note, that only pure-bred Klingons will be allowed for senior staff, as half-breeds would be seen as weak and they would not succeed quickly through the ranks. Starfleet Officers are allowed as Exchange Officers or refugees helping the Klingon Empire against the Dominion. These will be limited characters.

18+ Rating

The sim is rated 323.
Language: Swearing is permitted, with some limitations.
Sex: Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.
Violence: Violence is permitted, with some limitations.

Below are the limitations for each of the rating markers.

Language: Strong language is allowed, but consistent use of strong language is not allowed. If your character is dropping the "F" bomb every other work, that is not allowed. Use strong language sparingly.
Sex: Sexual content is allowed in the sim, BUT the focus of our sim is not sex. The focus of our game is to keep the ship running and develop our characters to be the best that they can be. Your characters can have sexual relations with other players or npcs, but it can not be the only the your character does or thinks about. Sexual content can NOT be explicit, you can write about it, but can not explicitly depict or describe the sexual act.

Violence: Violence can be written in detail. The only limitations are no explicit violent sex acts can occur and no explicit gore descriptions.

These are the rules for our sim at our rating.