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la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek

Name Muk'da Son of Banrek

Position Ship's Captain

Rank la’

Character Information

Gender Male
Species tlhIngan (Klingon)
Age 37
House Anklaa

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Muk'da is a well build muscular Klingon Male. He has a short beard and keeps hi hair short, unlike most Klingons. He usually wears sleeveless uniforms. Muk'da has dark piercing eyes, that strike fear into his enemies.


Spouse Master Sergeant Sirka Daughter of Naklul
Father Banrek son of Anklaa
Mother Relnin Daughter of B'Kak
Brother(s) K'Met (43) (Half-Brother)
Menk'l (27)
Sister(s) Dak'ri (31)
Loris (22)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Muk'da is a strong, stubborn, and pragmatic Klingon warrior. He doesn't care about other's feelings if it gets in the way of his honor.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon Opera
Andorian Ushaan fights
Earth UFC

Personal History ==Childhood==

Muk'da was born in Quin'lat, a city south of the First City in 2343. He was born into House Anklaa, who is his grandfather, a minor house in the Klingon Empire. Muk'da has 3 siblings and a half-brother. His parents were farmers, earning their honor supplying the House of Mo'Kai with fresh food for their warriors. Growing up on the farm, Muk'da was discontent. He often trained with his older half-brother K'Met in the fields. K'Met felt the call to honor to follow in their father's footsteps and continue the farm. Muk'da felt Kahless' call to battle. So when he reached the minimum age of 12, he enlisted in the Klingon Defense Force. His grandfather, father, and mother felt honored that their son wanted to take this step to bring more honor to his name and the name of their house.

==Imperial Klingon Star Academy==

Being a member of a minor house in the IKSA was not an easy ordeal. The trainers were always harder on you, the instructors were more scrutinized your work more, and you were given lesser roles during training cruises. This didn't stop Muk'da, not even for a minute. He worked hard to earn his honor and place in the KDF.

During one training cruise, he and the other warriors of his class woke up to find they were the only ones on the ship. They looked around and got to work. They found a lot of doors locked, so they had to either pry them open or release the lock. Muk'da and a few other warrior candidates were able to get to the bridge. They discovered that the warp core was set to blow. They got to work and started trying to shut it down. The warrior candidates in engineering stayed on the comms as they worked on getting the warp core stable. After a few minutes they were able to solve the problem and stabilize the core. They spent the next couple hours getting the Raptor's systems. Once everything was operational, a K'tinga decloaked and hailed them. It was their training officer, who told them they passed the test. Muk'da was 15 at the time. He spent the next 2 years studying all the different specialties on the ship. In 2360, he was grated a passing grade on his time at the Academy and was assigned to the IKS Gorkon, a K'tinga-class battlecruiser as a Warrior.

==IKS Gorkon==

Muk'da's first days on the Gorkon were long. He spent most of his days doing routine maintenance for the ship and in the training area with the other Warriors. He did get bridge time during second and third shift. He spent many years on the Gorkon, he earned his honor. Muk'da worked his way up the warrior ranks, and was a Sergeant by the time he was 24. After an attempt on his life by a lower warrior and his friends on the ship, whom he killed, Muk'da demanded a transfer off the ship, because he was fighting the warriors more than working. The other warriors were not accepting of him, due to his house's lower status. The captain of the Gorkon agreed, the KDF couldn't lose an experienced warrior. He promoted Muk'da to Specialist and recommended him to the IKS Targ as their Tactician, as theirs was recently killed for conspiring against the captain, secretly like a Romulan. A week, and many more dead warriors later, Muk'da was aboard the Targ. He spent a total of 10 years on the IKS Gorkon.

==IKS Targ==

Once aboard the Targ, Muk'da spent most of his time in the tactical operations. He was able to spend time on the bridge as a relief weapons officer. During this time, the Targ was apart of the attack fleet that attack the Cardassians and broke the Khitomer Accords. It was during this time when he had to step up as acting weapons officer, when the weapons officer was killing in battle. It wasn't long before a replacement was sent. In 2373, he confronted his captain about attending the Officer Training Academy to become and officer, so that he could become a weapons officer. The captain sent in his recommendation, and he was shipped back to Qonos to attend the acedemy.

==Officer Training academy==


==IKS gagH==


==IKS baH lI batlh==

Service Record Klingon Defense Force Academy 2355 - 2360
Warrior: Warrior, 2nd Class - Warrior, 1st Class - IKS Gorkon 2360 - 2361
Warrior: Warrior, 1st Class - Sergeant - IKS Gorkon 2361-2370
Tactician: Specialist - Master Specialist - IKS Targ 2370 - 2372
Officer Training 2372 - 2374
Weapons Officer: Lieutenant - IKS gagH 2374 - 2376
Second Officer: Junior Commander - IKS baH lI batlh 2376 - 2378
First Officer: Commander - IKS baH lI batlh 2378 - 2379
Commanding Officer: Captain - IKS baH lI batlh (Through honorable combat) 2379 - ????