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bu' K'edroha Pek'Mirgh

Name K'edroha Pek'Mirgh

Position Warrior

Rank bu'

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 35
House House of Pek'Mirgh

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 120
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description 1. K'edroha is Klingon , with her full ridges showing, she's a good fighter, and full of rage. She had her father's anger, and Warrior might more than her mom...She was a strong-willed Klingon Warrior. She was her father's daughter , the way she growled , and full of rage, and quite the Klingon Warrior she was, She was well-liked throughout the Empire, she knew her Klingon weapons well , between a Batleth, a small weapon like a D'k Tahg, different Klingon swords for fighting and many more. K'ed was a spirited Klingon warrior with the might between male and other Klingon females. She was a Klingon Warrior.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Oth'ur Pek'Mirgh
Mother Ch'etusto Pek'Mirgh
Brother(s) T'gadmok Pek'Mirgh, J'vurkass Pek'Mirgh
Sister(s) K'veyra Pek'Mirgh , K'dramor Pek'Mirgh
Other Family Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'edroah is one smart Female Klingon and knows how to get things done both for The Klingon empire. Once in a while, you will see her on Qonos fighting other Klingons, she's also been performing different Klingon Rituals, and Klingon Battles.
though she's Klingon, she will always remember she a tough Warrior who was trained by her Klingon Family...
Strengths & Weaknesses Weaknesses Strength- -K'edroha is a brilliant woman at being what she does Best, being the best she can do in her duties, plus being her being Klingon herself. and she
knows that All Klingons don't like halfling Klingons, and tries to stay away from those PetaQs at all costs. They have no reason to be part of the Empire... And Deal with Other enemies too.
Weakness- she knows how to fight well, but she does make some mistakes on how she turns her feet with her weapon, and missed and got cut on her right shoulder over a wrong move, during a battle that had her full of Anger to have her growling, and screaming about it.
Ambitions To be the best Klingon Warrior she can be amongst other Klingons. And show them how strong her might can be, and never pass a Battle she couldn't fight.
Hobbies & Interests Mostly Klingon battles/Rituals Are done on Qonos, or can be done on Klingon ships when in flight in space, K'ed would practice her fighting with Weapons , either on Qonos or on a Klingon Battlecruiser to get her ready for anything or any Enemies that will come her way.

Personal History K'edroha was born on Q'onos with her Family in the House of Pek'Mirgh, where she was a skilled fighter , and never turned down a Battle, she was always there to put up a fight , either hand to hand or any Klingon Weapon., she'd also go to the Klingon Academy just to re-adjust her fighting skills which helped her a lot., throughout the years.

Personal saying - "I am what I am and that's all that I am" Robin Williams, in "Popeye"
Service Record Klingon Defense Force Academy for 3-4 years adjusts her fighting ability.
IKS Stormwind – as 2nd officer while still in training .
IKS Vor'nak, - as Weapons officer, and helped other Klingons in Training
IKS K'Rator- As Weapons Officer Then Transferred to
IKS- BaH II batIh- Weapons officer