Dishonor and Self-Promotions

Posted on Sun Jul 11th, 2021 @ 7:02am by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek
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Mission: Honor Abounds
Location: IKS baH lI batlh
Timeline: BACKPOST - 1 year ago

The bridge of the Bird-of-Prey shook as the polaron beam slammed into the shields. The Captain was barking orders as the bridge officers did their jobs.

"Shields down to 23%" The weapons officer barked from his console. "Weapon power down to 48%, torpedoes are depleted!"

The captain pondered for a moment as he though about his next move. He knew the crew was expecting him to pick a target and die in glorious battle. He stood from his chair and turned to face the consoles behind him, "Cloak the ship." The engineering officer coordinated with the others to find the opportune time to cloak. They all still thought they were going to die, and they wanted to go with honor. The captain was a master at cloak and attack tactics, so this was nothing surprising. The lights dimmed as the ship cloaked. The engineering officer reported the ship was cloaked. He did not want to die. He didn't feel like a dying today. He had more battles to do. "Helm turn us about and engage warp!"

Every eye was on him, "Captain?"

"Do it! Or I will kill you where you stand." The helmsman put his head and down and put in the command.

The first officer, Commander Muk'da frowned at the Captain. He had to make a decision, then and now. He fondled the hilt of his d'k'tag in his belt. He knew what he had to do. Muk'da also knew that if the crew didn't agree with what he was about to do that he would be killed, at least they would do it with honorable combat... he hoped they weren't cowardly petaQ! Stepping forward, "Captain! We should not run. It is dishonorable. I would rather die in honorable combat against those petaQ than run like dishonorable cowards! Captain I challenge your honor and your ability to command this vessel and crew!" He drew his dagger and extended the cross-blades.

"You challenge my honor!?" The captain bellowed drawing his dagger, "If you want to die. They die well!" The two men circled each other at the front of the bridge. The captain grinned a sly grin at Muk'da, who was determined to restore the honor they had lost at this captain's hands. The captain lunged at Muk'da. He spun out of the way and smacked the back of the captain's head with the hilt of the blade, sending him to the floor. Muk'da ran over standing over the captain, who rolled over and plunged the blade into the first officer's leg. Pink blood shot out of the wound and started dripping down his leg. Screaming the commander dropped and plunged his dagger into the throat of the captain. Screaming in anger as he twisted the blade. The captain was gasping for air and he took his final breaths.

Muk'da stood up and withdrew the dagger from his leg and tossed it to the floor. He looked around the room. The warriors and officers on the bridge started to chant his name. Reaching down, he whiped his bare arms on the captain's cloak, to get the petaQ's blood off of him. He spat on the captain's body as he took the captain's chair.

"Your orders Captain?" And officer barked.

"Return us to the fight. Today is a good day to die." Muk'da looked down at the body, "And get someone to remove this quvHa'ghach petaQ from my bridge."