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Mud Bath

Posted on Wed Jul 14th, 2021 @ 4:30am by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek & Ha'DIbaH Sirka Daughter of Naklul
Edited on on Thu Jul 15th, 2021 @ 5:36am

Mission: Honor Abounds
Location: Orion Trade Outpost - Talon, Polus Bar and Brothel
Timeline: MD01 - 2000 hours

The rain poured down on the humid planet. The neon lights of the taverns, hotels, brothels, markets, and carts shown in the night. The neon lights of a bar and brothel flickered as the doors flew open and an Andorian flew and landed in the mud. In the light of the door, the massive form of a Klingon man silhouetted in the doorframe. The Andorian stood to his feet and pulled an Ushaan blade from his belt and held it up to get ready for a fight. The Klingon stepped into the rain and mud and pulled a Mek'leth from behind his tunic. His bare muscular arms flexed and he approached the mud-covered Andorian. They circled as a crowd formed. The Andorian lunged blade extended, the Klingon deflected and parried. Spinning, the Klingon planted his elbow into the back of the Andorian who stumbled but quickly regained his footing.

The Klingon Commander took a fighting stance, with flipped his hold on the mek'leth to a reverse grip. The crowd was cheering and I am sure that he saw some taking bets. In the background a female figure stood in the doorway leaning up against the doorframe, just watching. The Andorian lundged again, jumping and planting both feet square in the Klingon's chest. The mud splashed everywhere as the massive Klingon's body landed in the mud. The Andorian jumped and landed and the Klingon getting ready to slash the Klingon's throat. Instead, the Klingon jabbed the mek'leth into the Andorian's leg and snapped off the blade. Blue blood splattered and started to drip. He shoved him off into the mud.

Jumping to his feet, the commander tossed the mek'leth to the side and drew his d'k tahg, and the crossguard blades shot out. "Is that all you got petaQ!?" The Andorian roared as he charged again at the Klingon. They slashed and dodged, sliced eachother, trying to get that final blow. Pink and blue blood flew, dripped, and mixed with the mud. The Andorian jumped back, panting. The Klingon smiled, he knew the Andorian was tiring. It was his turn to charge, the Klingon lunged and took a wide swipe with his knife, the Andorian tried ducking, but just as he did, the knife made contact, severing the two antennae from the top of his head.

The Andorian fell to the ground screaming. The Klingon slowly walked towards the blue skinned and blood soaked, writhing in pain man. Standing over him, the Klingon knelt down and placed his knee on the man's chest. He placed the knife to the blue skinned man's heart, "You fought well Andorian. You will die with honor." He raised the knife, when something grabbed him. He turned to looked to see another Andorian grabbing his hand.

"Let him go. You won!"

"petaQ! He deserves to die. I will not let my prey go!" The Klingon yelled, when five more Andorians walked up, all holding phasers. The Klingon looked around, the thought crossed his mind to fight them all and die in glory. But he had more battles to fight, and more enemies to kill. The Andorians weren't his enemies, the Dominion and the Romulans were. Standing up, the Klingon man spat on the Andorian, wiped the blue blood on the Andorian's tunic and stood back up. The crowd parted for him as he made it back to the door, where the Klingon woman stood, her arms crossed across her chest.

"All that for a spilled drink. I love you." She said as the two made it back in. He was still dripping pink blood from his arm wounds. Sitting down he saw a new glass of ale sitting in front of him. He chugged the entire thing. She laughed, "His face when you lunged. It was priceless."

"Andorians are always worthy opponents. He was lucky he had his friends there to save his life. I hope this doesn't taint my honor. At least there are enough Jem'Hadar, Cardassians, and Romulans to kill to get that honor back." The commander smiled as an Orion male brought him another ale. Which he downed immediately. The Orion man didn't budge. "What do you want?"

"You are bleeding all over my bar." The Orion man said. Before the Klingon could react the woman spoke up.

"Muk'da, you are need on the ship." She said as Commander Muk'da looked at her.

Turning back to the Orion, "You are lucky that your life is worth less than my ship. The Andorians will cover my tab." The Klingon said as the two stormed out of the bar.


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