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A Warriors Meet

Posted on Mon Aug 16th, 2021 @ 3:20am by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek & bu' K'edroha Pek'Mirgh & mang cha’DIch SaghIn

Mission: Honor Abounds
Location: IKS baH lI batlh
Timeline: MD01 1200 Hours

K'edroha had been on the IKS baH lI BATLH she thought maybe she thought she'd walk to meet other Warriors on the Klingon ship, she walked over to the Bridge as she got close to it and Yelled,” Qapla my Klingon warriors I am Ke'droha Pek'Mirgh, House of Pek'Mirgh “ K'edroha grunted and growled as she looked around with her wavey-Curley brown hair with Klingon beads in her hair, hoping she'd see other Klingons hear her roar, and Stomp with her Klingon boots to make noise to get the attention of other Klingons. K'edroha growled more, "Come on you PetaQ's."

Spinning in his chair, the Klingon Commander in the sleeveless tunic looked at the woman that just entered. "That is no way to address your superiors." He stood to his feet, towering over the woman, "If you don't want me to kill you where you stand, I would start acting with honor to your superiors! Report to your station." Muk'da barked. He moved back to his chair, and his massive shoulders almost hid the back of it. It spun back to face the front of the bridge.

SaghIn walked past the bridge seeing her fearsome Commanding Officer seated on the bridge, she did not wish to linger there any longer than she had to, she was young and relatively new to the ship, she didn't want to make an enemy of her CO. SaghIn set off towards the mess where she aimed to get something to eat, she didn't want to be seen to associate with the other warrior in the eyes of others.

K'edroha looked at him and growled."Sorry Sir, I thought there were other Klingon Warriors here, I never expected to see you here Sir." K'edroha growled,as she left and saw SaghIn and growled at him as she went on duty not having a very good day."Today is a good day to die." She told SaghIn as she passed the other Female Klingon.

"Every officer is your superior. Expect to have them on the bridge." The brawny Klingon growled at the mang as she moved to an empty chair on the bridge. "Every day is a good day to die, but we are not headed to battle, we are heading to resupply at an Orion outpost. So better not die to one of that petaQ."

SaghIn who had paused at the end of the corridor to find out what happened next to the other warrior could not help but overhear the Captain make mention of an Orion outpost. SaghIn doubled back to the bridge "Excuse me sir, did you say we are headed to an Orion outpost?" SaghIn enquired.

SaghIn had heard quite a lot about the Orions from various people she knew, if they were headed there she was grateful for one thing she was not a male, for she knew that Orion females were extremely beautiful and adept at tempting men to let their guard down, and second she was not an Orion female as she knew slavery was common amongst Orion women.

Muk'da's chair spun around and he looked at the young warrior, "Yes. We are picking up some supplies while we are there." He smiled, "Be careful when you are there. Orions can trick even the most honorable warrior. Don't be fooled by them. Kill them if they try."

SaghIn nodded "I've read a bit about them and heard tales of their treacherous nature sir," she told the Captain "I shall keep an eye out for them," she assured the Captain.

The Captain nodded as his chair turned back towards the view screen. "Make sure to die fighting, if you want to arrive in Sto Vo Kor." The young warrior had not yet seen battle with the crew, so she had not yet earned her honor in battle.

K'edroha came back after clearing her head as she looked at the other Warrior and nodded to her and not said much , Just grunted and growled was all she did. she was very quiet after that.

"I'd be more worried if I were male, from what I'm told the Orion women are especially seductive towards males and that is why they are considered dangerous," SaghIn commented

"They are bu'quv petaQ! No matter whether they are male or female. If I had the option, I wouldn't step foot on an Orion outpost. But I have my reasons for going here." The Klingon Commander spun to the helmsman, "How much longer?"

"Two hours Commander."

"Good. I want to get this over with." Muk'da barked.

SaghIn looked at her Captain pondering what his reasons for visiting an Orion Outpost were, but it was unwise to question the Captain's reasons on such matters, whatever the reasons were they were his own and it was her job to follow the Captain wherever he went and do her duty as a warrior of the Klingon Empire.

The Comms Officer looked up from his console, "la'! An Orion ship just dropped out of warp and is hailing us."

"On screen!" Muk'da barked as the green woman appeared on the screen. "What do you want, Orion?"

"That's what we were going to ask you, Klingon." The woman said. She visibly shifted in her seat, "What is your destination? You are in our space."

"The Orions have their borders open. There is no need for me to tell you what we are doing."

"But we do. It's still our space. If you can not tell me your destination I will have to ask you to leave." The said to him.

Muk'da laughed, "Aren't you trying to be pleasant. But it won't work!" The Klingon man stood up, "But we will fight any ships that come at us. And we will win!" He paused, "But I am not wanting to die in battle against Orion petaQ. So I will tell you. We are heading to Outpost Talon to offload cargo."

"Please send us..."

"No! We will not. It is our business not yours. If you have a problem will have to stop us." The Klingon sat back down and turned towards the helmsman, "Hechu'ghos Talon." He ordered the course to be set.

"luq la'!" The helmsman replied. As the ship flew off at maximum impulse.

"And that is how you deal with Orion petaQ!" Muk'da said to the bridge.

SaghIn was impressed beyond words at how the Captain handled the Orions, "Wow, that was quite a display Captain," she blurted out without meaning to.

Muk'da laughed, "Well treat cowards like cowards." The Klingon said standing from his chair. "I will be in my office. Alert me when we enter the system." He said as he walked off the bridge. An officer went and sat in the Captain's chair, to watch the bridge.

SaghIn left the bridge to go to eat her meal, she was extremely impressed with their Captain and how he dealt with the Orion issue, it was a good ship to serve aboard after all.

K'edroha was still on the ship doing her other duties as she swore in Klingon , and then headed back to the Bridge to see what the other PetaQ's were up to, but didn't say much, as she heard they were talking bout the Orions. K'edroha never liked Orions.


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