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Secret Information (Prequel to Mud Bath)

Posted on Sat Jul 17th, 2021 @ 6:28pm by la’ Muk'da Son of Banrek & Ha'DIbaH Sirka Daughter of Naklul & Unknown

Mission: Honor Abounds
Location: Orion Outpost Talon - Polus Bar and Brothel
Timeline: MD01 1600

The two Klingon warriors made their way through the crowded bazaar towards a dark skanky bar that had a small neon sign advertising drinks and brothels. The male and female Klingon took their wet hoods off and each ordered the strongest ale that the bar had. He pulled out a bottle of Romulan Ale, but after the male threatened to kill him if he gave him that blue filth, he poured them each a mug of a light amber ale. They sat down at a table. Pulling the disruptor pistol on his holster, he slammed it on the table, loud enough that the rest of the bar stopped and looked at him. "Now we wait." The male, Muk'da, said as he took a drink of his ale.

They sat there for about 20 minutes before the server brought them a plate of raw meat and walked away from they could ask. Muk'da moved the meat to see a note. The letters formed the words, "Back room. Alone" Muk'da stood up and signaled for the woman, Sirka, to stay there. When he walked back towards the room, the server stood there and she opened the door.

The door closed behind him and Muk'da walked forward down the hallway. It was almost pitch black. He put his hand on his sheathed d'k'tag as he walked. He only heard his footsteps as he made his way.

"That's close enough Commander." A male's voice said. Muk'da stopped in his tracks. He could now make out a male figure standing at the other end of the hallway. He was surprised at the almost perfect Klingonese, though he had the accent of a non-native speaker

"What do you want. I came all the way to this outpost because of your transmission." The Klignon barked back at him.

"I have information for you. I am sure you will find it useful."

"I better or I will kill you for wasting my time." Muk'da barked back in Klingonese. Next to him, the wall lit up. He glanced over quickly, and saw a PADD stuck to the wall. He grabbed it and started to look at it. It had pages of intel. "What are these!?"

"Vital information that you need to know. You need to see what they are planning." The mysterious man said.

The Klingon man tapped the PADD firmly with his finger, "There is no way the Dominion are stupid enough to enact this plan."

The silhouetted man shrugged, "Do what you want. I am just doing what we agreed to do. Just be warned. The Founders do want the annihilation of the Klingon Empire...."

"Then we shall die in honor. Defending our land and celebrate in Sto..."

"Shut up you damned fool!" The man yelled, "You don't understand do you!? The Klingons are the only government that has not been overthrown or joined the Dominion! There are other's lives.... other... honor... at stake. The remnants of the Federation are moving towards the Delta Quadrant to start a new life, the Romulans have allied themselves with the Dominion. I don't even know about the Ferengi, Gorn, Orions and the Breen. There are even Klingon Houses talking about pledging their loyalty to the Dominion to save their houses from defeat and rebuild the Klingon Empire under Dominion control."

"be'quv petaQ!" Muk'da yelled, "I will hunt down those houses and destroy them. They are wanting to dishonor themselves and the entire Empire for their own gain! They are not better than the Ferengi!"

The man took an audible sigh. "Look. Commander. Do what you must. But know, this is much bigger than just fighting the Dominion. Read that report. Do what you must. I will be in contact." With that the man was gone. Muk'da walked down the hall to where the man was standing, looking down the hallways.

"Bue'quet!" The Klingon man swore as he turned back and stormed towards the door that he came through. When he came out, Sirka was arm wresting a Gorn. She slammed the Gorn's hand to the side of the table, as people started handing latinum to her. She reached over and chugged the rest of her ale and the ale of her competitor.

Muk'da tucked the PADD into his tunic and approached the table to wear his mate was buying rounds and cheering. She saw him and smiled as tossed him some of the latinum, and walked up to him and pulled him close and kissed him roughly. "I have won every match. Glory to our house my husband! Qapla!" She yelled as the rest of the bar yelled the success cheer back to her. A bartender brought drinks to all of them and they started to drink and the Klingons started to tell stories of their glorious battles. Right in the middle of one of his stories, Muk'da felt someone bump into him, spilling his ale all over him. He quickly turned to see an Andorian male walking away from him.


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